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F39HFZN Tyre changing machine  pneumatic backward column with 4 pedals

Application range:
Applicable for changing and inflating car tyres whose rim diameter is between 10-24.
Product features:
Adopting semi-automatic lateral swinging arm to change tyres.
Machine functions:
1. Central pressing tyre function makes jaws grip rim fastly.
2. Adjusting mobile slider to be suitable for different rim ranges.
3. The motion structure of the four automatic alignment gripping jaws on the turnplate is link mechanism, which has synchronizing
function and fix center automatically when gripping from outside to inside.
4. The once forming mobile slider and the design of processing machinery structure made it not easy to deformation.
5. The working head is plated hard chrome on the surface through high frequency sudden fire, this kind of treating processes
insure the intensity, toughness and abrasive resistance.
6. The round working turnplate has synchronous centering and fine adjustment function which make the operating of tyre changer
more easy and smooth.
7. The tools touching rim directly like changing working head,jaws and spade are all equipped with protector,these
protectors ensure no hurt to the rim.
8. It has good personal presentation,thick steel plate and super strong rigidness.

9. Strengthening the auxiliary arm can remove the tire with strong hardness

10. Equipped with automatic turnover hook, the operation is easier

11. Use pneumatic backward column, push and pull arm pneumatic lock design.
12. One Year Warranty.


Standard Parts

Crowbar (Bead lifting lever)

4pcs Jaw Protectors

Air Inflation Gun

Lube Bucket




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